how we do it

Through simple design with extraordinary materials, efficiently and routinely produced by hand, we manage not only to be competitive with mass-produced products in the industrial location of Germany, but also to remain inimitable through constant innovation & radical individuality.

Since we started in 2007 with our own technique of making hats we developed and learned to make many different products; from hats & caps to accessories, bags and now clothes. 

The creation of a really good product is based on

Dedication & Skills

Happiness comes from the successful combination of these 3 essential qualities of a product. However, this joy is not only based on the material nature of the product itself, but rather comes from the idea, the dedication & the passion put in by its skilled creators.

To achieve this ideal vision and to create favorite pieces, we constantly strive to improve and make new and better products for people all over the world.

we STRIVE to create

favorite pieces

With our work we want to create products that make people happy. Unique products that satisfy through the fusion of craftsmanship, design and artwork. We believe that these 3 pillars are the essence of a really good product. The favorite piece that is loved, appreciated and cared for, used as long as possible and as a result is effortlessly sustainable.

Handcraft Dimension

Quality & durability through dedicated and skilled craftsmanship, a pleasure for your hands to touch and use.

Design Dimension

Functional & appealing design of the product itself, as simple as possible yet refreshingly useful.

Artistic Dimension

Aesthetic composition that pleases your eyes through the experienced artistic combination of colour, pattern and material.


The most inspiring and exciting materials are the ones aged naturally by time and life. They transport history and traces of time & you can never buy textiles like this in fabric shops.

- that's one of the reasons, why upcycled fabrics are our favorite materials -

But of course, reusing and refurbishing second hand materials is not only done for aesthetic reasons. In today's world, where humanity and our planet are seriously threatened by industrial pollution and mass production, Captn-Crop always strives to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible.

our approach to



using old materials - less landfill

On demand production

custom work prevents overproduction

Fixing & repair service

we take care of our products, a life long.

Small batch production

unique pieces instead of mass production


better products - make it last and loved

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